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Instruments that connect with Nature


Fish Man's PRO Oficial Model

Tritão fits in perfectly, adapting to your feet. The side walers are wide and hard, and the flap is both hard and flexible at the same time, generating balance along with the sides. When power is released, it feels like I am turning myself into a sea animal. Every detail to best sliding and explosion was inspired on sea animals, and those are details that make the difference in nature. It is the world’s best high-performance flipper, without a doubt.” – Henrique Pistilli   

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Classic seas up to 1,5m

The flipper Kpaloa Fish Man Flow was developed for high-performance in classic seas. Its hard flap, in contrast with the soft rubber foot pocket provides more explosion and flow to slide into the wave’s wall and get off the tube” – Henrique Pistilli

Use the voucher FAMILIAPEIXE and get 10% discount.

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Solid Silver Version by ArtOuro

"The God Maui’s hook is a symbol of the Polynesian culture present in all island groups of the Pacific Ocean. Each local expresses the strength of Maui – the Warrior God, from its relation with the divine present in the Ocean. Symbol of courage, abundance, perseverance and faith. Usually made of fish bone, wood or stone, here we present the version in solid silver, a fine work developed in partnership with ArtOuro. A new possibility of connection for this symbol, silver and its lunar power, which is the sea itself, together with Polynesian ancestry."- Henrique Pistilli



Handplane Wesoul Crystal is a PRO and PREMIUM product that represents a true extension of the body. It is made of high-resistance crystal acrylic, neoprene clip with anatomic fitting and grip leash for safety. Its concave controls speed and enhances performance. Its transparence sparks sensations and provides a deep connection with the sea. Integrated leash. Signed and recommended by Pistilli.


100% of the profits to the Oceans

Have you thougth about doing good, by consuming a quality product that also helps save the Oceans? 

T-shirt 100% Certified Organic Wool. Signed by the athlete and activist Henrique Pistilli (Fish Man) as a quality and awareness product. By acquiring this product, you are donating 20% of the purchasing value (100% of the profits) to the NGO for Ocean protection: ROUTE BRASIL.  

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